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Rental Bus - Terms and Conditions

1.    Renter must be 25 years of age or older and possess a minimum Class 4 or better.  Valid identification (Photocopy of Driver's License) must be provided prior to driving the bus.

2.    The renter is responsible for any and all damages to the bus and must provide proof of a current insurance card before driving the bus.

3.    In the case of an accident, the renter is responsible for paying the insurance deductible of $5,000.00 and any and all other costs not covered by the insurance policy. ie. Towing expense

4.    The bus must be returned in the same condition as when received - full of fuel and clean.  Fuel refill will be charged at $1.60/L and cleaning will be charged at a rate of $60/hr.

5.    Renter must pay $2,500.00 security deposit at time of rental or $1,000.00 deposit if purchasing additional insurance, in addition to the rental fee.

6.    The renter is responsible for all activities of the passengers on board the bus.  No fighting / No weapons / No illegal substances.  Violation will result in the immediate termination of the bus use. No refunds will be given. No exceptions.

7.    The bus is non-smoking.  A $500.00 penalty will be charged, in addition to cleaning charges if there is any sign of smoking in the bus.

8.    The renter is responsible for all tolls, parking, park entrance fees, driver lodging and/or attractions, traffic violation tickets or fines, and the cost of fueling the bus.

9.    The owner will not be liable to the renter or to any other person for any claim, liability, loss, damage or expense of any kind or natural causes, directly or indirectly by the use of the bus for any purpose.  Its use by the renter or any interruption or loss of service or use of the bus or any loss of business or consequential damages.

10. The renter shall not assign its rights under this contract nor subcontract any obligation under this contract.

11. Driver must fill out the Department of Transportation bus log.

12. Driver must adhere to all Federal and Provincial laws governing the number of hours a driver can drive in a day, the length of a work shift, and the number of hours a driver can accumulate over a multi-day period.

a.    Driver can drive up to 13 hours in a 24 hour day.

b.    Driver cannot exceed 14 hours on duty in a 24 hour day.

c.     Driver must be off duty for a minimum of 10 hours in a 24 hour day.

d.    Driver cannot driver after 16 hours has elapsed since the driver started his or her work shift

e.    Driver cannot begin a new work shift without first taking at least 8 consecutive hours off-duty

f.      Driver may work up to 70 hours in any period of 7 days (which includes driving and non-driving duties). Also, the driver must have at least one 24-hour break in the preceding 14 days.